Kralova Lehota, 26 February 2022


Dear friends,


We all know that the situation in Ukraine is serious. Many people are fleeing for their lives.


Some time ago, our missionary organization Youth for Christ Slovakia was given ownership of the Kráľova Lehota Ranch, where we have 75 places to stay. Due to the situation in Ukraine, we have come to the decision to provide all of our facilities for people from Ukraine who need shelter.


We will first of all provide our premises for the families of our colleagues from YFC (Youth for Christ) in Ukraine and then for other suffering people. We are waiting to hear from the Ukrainian YFC and based on how many people come from them, we will open up the capacity to other people.


This will have to change the nature of our ministry for a time. Our service will be prioritized to meet the needs of these people. If you know us a little bit, you know that as a civic association we have always tried to fund our ministers from our own resources. Our main regular source of income has been events, conferences and training, but we will not be able to provide these if our premises and staff are used for other purposes. We are taking this step of faith that if this is the Lord's calling, He will provide both income for the staff and care for the refugees.


If anyone experiences a call to contribute to our organization in such a way, we would be grateful for your financial, material and prayerful support. We will keep you informed about what specific material help we can raise on our website ( and via FB.


Based on a preliminary budget, we will need about 500 € per person per month, which means that we would need to raise about 35,000 - 40,000 € per month to cover the complete operating costs of the Ranch, work of YFC Slovakia, and a depreciation reserve for a population of 70 to 80 Ukrainians.


Account number for support for refugee accommodation costs:

Youth for Christ - Slovakia

Recipient's address: Pavlovičovo nám. 45, 080 01 Prešov

IBAN: SK96 0200 0000 0015 4177 3158


We recommend you to use to avoid high bank fees.  


We would also be grateful if you could forward our letter to other communities and individuals.


In trust in the Lord Jesus Christ,

Vlasťo Bena

Director of YFC Slovakia